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Current Affairs 3 June 2021

US suspend tariffs on India over digital taxes

  • The US suspends digital taxes on 6 countries including India. for the next 6 months. the six countries are India, Spain, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and the united kingdom.
  • This tax mostly applies to Amazon, Apple, and google like digital service provider companies.

Pan Bio Covid 19″ test kit approved

ICMR has approved a second domestic rapid antigen test kit named “Pan Bio”. this test kit is developed in Chicago by Abbot Rapid Diagnostic Division. this is a kind of self-use kit and will get provisional approval on 5 July.

After 5 july, company will disclose the price of this self use kit for covid test.

Before it, ICMR gave approval to the “Coviself test kit“, which is developed in Pune My Lab Discovery Solutions. The price of this self use kit is 250 inr.

SDG India Index 2020-21: Current Affairs 3 June 2021

NITI ayoag has recently launched of “SDG (sustainable development goal) index 2020-21”. in this index Kerala ranked 1 with 75 points score.

Himachal Pradesh & Tamilnadu both secure 2nd rank with 74 points.

This year Bihar Jharkhand and Assam perform very poor in this index. this is 3rd edition of SDG INDEX 2020-21.This index evaluates the progress of states and union territories on social, economic, and environmental parameters.

Current Affairs 3 June 2021

This year’s edition includes 17 goals, 70 Targets, and 115 indicators.


All the children who have lost their mother or father or both due to covid 19 virus, will be given help by the scheme of “PM- CARES FOR CHILDREN” Scheme. this scheme has been started in 2021.

  1. children will be given a fixed deposit.
  2. PM CARES Will create a corpus of Rs 10 lakh for each covid affected child who completes 18 years of age.
  3. The government will bear all the expenses for the education of all those children who are affected by covid, along with it, the government will also bear all the extra expenses incurred during their studies.
  4. PM CARES will also provide transactions for that covid affected children who want to continue their higher study after 18+ for the next 5 years.
  5. after completing 23 years, a boy/girl will also be given personal and business transaction help if required

Current Affairs 3 June 2021

Corona Free Village Competition” in Maharashtra

Maharashtra govt has announced a competition in rural is for “corona free village“. This will ensure adherence to the given norms to prevent the spread of covid 19

According to the Rural Development Department, awards will be given for doing good work in covid 19 management.
This award will be given to 3 Gram Panchayats from each Rajashva area who have done good work regarding Kovid 19 management. In this, the first prize will be 50 lakhs, the second 25 lakhs, and the third 15 lakhs.
This contest is part of the
“My Village Corona Free” Initiative.

NASA plans to mission” VENUS”

American space agency NASA plans to launch two new missions for” Venus” in 2028 and 2030.

The two mission are:-


At first mission DAVINCI+ – NASA will study the process of forming of Venus and its development process from starting and present atmosphere.

The second mission will study the geological history of Venus. Along with this, it will also be found out that why the development of Venus was so different from Earth.

International Booker Award: Current Affairs 3 June 2021

french novelist ” David Diop” has been awarded by International Booker Award for his second novel “at night all blood is black“.

basically this book has been written in French language.

At night all blood is black

Famous American poetry, writer, and translator ” Anna Moschovakis” has translated this book into English.

the content of this book is based on the experience of the first world war by David Diop’s great grandfather. which is residential in Senegal.

David is the first French writer to be awarded the Booker Award for translated books. Current Affairs 3 June 2021

Seed Minikit Programme

central agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar has launched a new Minikit seed program. This program is based on the new variety of pulse and oilseed which have good quality and availability too.

this mission will help to increase the production of pulses and oilseeds. as per the program, NAFED, NATIONAL SEED CORPORATION, AND GUJRAT STATE SEED CORPORATION are distributing MINI- KIT.

Current Affairs 3 June 2021

Nashik’s Baudh Caves

ASI has been discovered 3 new caves in Nashik of Trirashmi Baudh caves.

This caves has been considering a baudh’s residential houses.

The experts are thinking these caves may be more older than Trirashmi caves.

Trirashmi caves are actually a collective of 25 caves which are also called Pandeva Leni caves.

These caves had been constructed in 200BC and 600C years in Trirashmi hills.

The documentation of these caves had been by Britishers in 1823 by “captain James delamine”.

Trirashmi caves now known as a tourist point and conservator by ASI.

The Buddhist statues and caves of Nashik are an important early example of Indian rock-cut architecture representing the Hinayana tradition of Buddhism.

Current Affairs 3 June 2021

Red Tourism in China

 Modern revolutionary heritage sites in China are seen by connecting them with red tourism.

The Red Tourism Project was started in 2004.

The project aims to encourage tourism and local businesses by promoting the historical and cultural significance of the ruling Communist Party of China.

Red tourism includes sites of historical importance such as Yan’an (the site associated with the Red Army’s Long March), Shaoshan (the birthplace of Mao) and the Xinggang Mountains.

Red Tourism
This picture taken on April 21, 2016, in Shaoshan shows Chinese tourists posing in front of a flag of the Communist Party of China next. Shaoshan in central China’s province Hunan is the hometown of former communist leader Mao Zedong. The small village is a hotspot for ‘red tourism’. Millions of Mao devotees from all over the country come to Shaoshanevery year. / AFP / JOHANNES EISELE (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty images)

Since coming to power, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been promoting red tourism on priority. The Chinese government has invested heavily in red tourism in the past few years.

The Communist Party of China celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and the popularity of red tourism in China is at an all-time high. The first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in 1921.

Current Affairs 3 June 2021



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