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  • Current Affair 5 July 2021 | IT Act 66A Daily current affair.
  • The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Center on the use of Section 66A of the IT Act, which was struck down in 2015.
  • The Supreme Court issued this noise during the hearing of a petition by the people’s Union for Civil Liberties.
  • According to the data, even after March, about 1307 cases were registered under it.
    In March 2015, in the Sherya Singhal case, the Supreme Court struck down Section 66A of the IT Act. Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • The Attorney General of India K.K Venugopal had also informed the Supreme Court that the law books still contained Section 66A of the IT Act which was declared unconstituonial.
  • Section 66A of the IT Act provided for a maximum jail term of three years or fine for sending objectionable messages through a computer or any other communication device such as a mobile phone or tablet.
Current Affair 5 June 2021 | IT Act 66A
  • This section can be used to punish online communications that are deemed offensive and dangerous and to cause insult, obstruction, injury, hatred, criminal intimidation or malice.
  • In the Shreya Singhal case of 2015, the Supreme Court had declared this section arbitrary and unclear and declared unconstituonal.
  • This section was termed as harsh as it allowed the arrest of many innocent people.
    The Supreme Court had said that Section 66A attacks the right to freedom of expression under Article 191A of the Constitution.

Clinical Trials Registry India portal | Daily Current Affair

  • AYUSH Minister Kiren Rijuju has launched the AYUSH dataset on the Clinical Trials Registry India portal. Daily current affair
  • This Ayurveda dataset of ctri has been jointly developed by Indian Council of Medical Research and Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences.
  • The Minister of AYUSH has said that Ayurveda and Yoga are the rich cultural heritage of India, that is, there is a need to change the mindset about Ayurveda and Indian traditional knowledge. Current Affair 5 July 2021
Clinical Trials Registry India portal | Daily Current Affair
  • He said that the mentality of not considering Ayurveda as scientific was wrong.
  • The role of Ministry of AYUSH in the National Digital Health Mission was highlighted during this event.
  • CTRI is the primary register of clinical trials under the WHO’s International Clinical Trail Registry platform. Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • Now Ayurveda Clinical Trial information, results etc. will be available in the Clinical Trail Registry of India in Ayurvedic terminology. There are continuous clinical trails in the world for the discovery of new drugs, treatment of diseases, etc.
  • The results of these tests are not publicly available and due to this, accurate information about the tests is not available.
  • In view of this, the World Health Organization made it mandatory to create an online registry of clinical trails.
  • In India, this work is being done through ctri and this registry is also part of the registry of the World Health Organization.Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • Four other portals launched with it are AMAR, SAHI, E-MEDHA and RMIS.
    All of these are primarily devised by ccras while rmis is a collaborative effort of icmr and ccras.
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Ban of UAV | J& K | Current Affair 5 July 2021

  • The Sri Nagar Administration has banned the storage, sale, use, and transportation of drones and other types of unmanned aerial vehicles that were banned.
    The decision was taken a few days after the drone attack on the Indian Air Force station in Jammu.
  • In the order, the administration has been asked to secure aerial space near important locations and highly populated areas. Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • The ban on UAV has been imposed under the section of CRPC.
    The Srinagar administration has ordered those who have drones to deposit the drone with the police with proper receipt.
Ban of UAV | J& K | Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • Only government departments in the jurisdiction of the district have been allowed to use drones by informing the police.
  • Earlier, the use of drones was also banned in Kathua and Rajouri border districts of Jammu. Current Affair 5 July 2021
  • The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued draft guidelines on the classification of drones based on their use.
  • Departments using drones for mapping, surveying and monitoring in agriculture, environmental protection and disaster mitigation zones shall inform the local police station before undertaking any such activity in the public interest. Daily current affair

Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri | Daily Current Affair

  • The Indian Army has inaugurated a war memorial in memory of Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri on his birthday. Daily current affair
  • Captain Gurjinder Singh was killed during Operation “Birsa Munda” in 1999.
  • This war memorial has been inaugurated in Gulmarg near the Line of Control.
    The Birsa Munda operation was a raid against a Pakistani post. It was started in November 1999 by the Bihar Battalion of the Indian Army. Current Affair 5 July 2021
Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri
  • This was the time when India’s Operation Vijay was almost near.
  • In this accelerated and meticulously planned operation, the entire Pakistani outpost was eaten for breakfast. Daily current affair
  • According to the Indian Army, 17 Pakistani soldiers were killed in this operation.
    In this operation, India’s glory was in the form of the help of Captain Gurjinder Singh.
    Captain Gurjinder Singh was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra. Current Affair 5 July 2021

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